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Boulder Colorado Neighborhood School Directory.

The information I’ve provided on schools here is based directly on the online content available from the Boulder Valley School District website at:  For more complete information, I strongly urge you to visit the BVSD website to research any school further. Another great idea is to plan a visit to any of the schools which might be in a neighborhood you’d consider living. Most schools will happily give you an appointment to meet with one of their administrators so you can get all your questions answered.

Alicia Sanchez Elementary School 

Lafayette, CO, 80026

Phone: 720.561.7300

Attendance: 720.561.7306

Fax: 720.561.7301


Daily schedule: 8:00-2:30

Enrollment (FTE): 253.5

Funded Headcount: 290

Student/Teacher Ratio: 10.2/1

Principal: Doris Candelarie

School Mission and Vision: As part of the school’s reorganization, the School Improvement Team is in the process of revising the school mission and vision statements.

Angevine Middle School 

1150 West South Boulder Road

Lafayette, CO, 80026

Phone: 720.561.7100

Fax: 720.561.7101

Attendance: 720.561.7102

Registrar: 720.561.5800


Daily schedule: 8:40-3:40

Enrollment (FTE): 576.5

Funded Headcount: 577

Student/Teaher Ratio: 15.8/1

Principal: Mike Medina

School Mission and Vision: Angevine Middle School’s mission is to promote academic achievement, character development, and life long learning.

Arapahoe Campus High School 

6600 Arapahoe Road

Boulder, CO, 80303

Phone: 720-561-5220

Fax: 720-561-5258

Registrar: 720-561-5231

Attendance: 720-561-5573

Counselor: 720-561-5229


Daily schedule: 7:43-2:45

Enrollment (FTE): 165.5

Funded Headcount: 171

Student/Teacher Ratio: 7.8/1

Principal: Joan Bludorn

CTE Director: Kurt Levasseur

School Mission and Vision: 

Mission: to be a technical and career oriented focus school with an emphasis on high academic standards.

Vision: to successfully integrate technology and academics for student’s life-long learning.

Barnard D. Ryan Elementary School 

1405 Centaur Village Drive

Lafayette, CO, 80026

Phone: 720-561-7000

Fax: 720-561-7001

Attendance: 720-561-7002


Daily schedule: 8:05-2:40

Enrollment (FTE): 374

Funded Headcount: 421

Student/Teacher Ratio: 15.9/1

Principal: Tobey Bassoff

School Mission and Vision: Mission: All students can and will learn! We

provide a challenging and diverse education, in a safe environment, for all students. Vision: Ryan seeks to create life-long learners who are competent, capable, and responsible members of society.

Bear Creek Elementary School 

2500 Table Mesa Drive

Boulder, CO, 80305

Phone: 720-561-3500

Fax: 720-561-3501


Daily schedule: 8:30-3:00

Enrollment (FTE): 330

Funded Headcount: 352

Student/Teacher Ratio: 17.2/1

Principal: Kent Cruger

School Mission and Vision: Mission: Bear Creek and the Boulder Valley School District challenge students to achieve their academic, creative, and physical

potential in order to become responsible, contributing citizens.

Vision: The future of Bear Creek is based upon its commitment to the successful education of all to the fullest extent of each individual’s potential, through the collaborative efforts of home, school, and community.

Boulder Community School of 

Integrated Studies 

3995 East Aurora Avenue

Boulder, CO, 80303

Phone: 720.561.6500

Fax: 720.561.6501

Attendance: 720.561.6502


Daily schedule:

Mon-Thurs: 8:30-3:20

Friday: 8:30-1:30

Enrollment (FTE): 261

Funded Headcount: 284

Student/Teacher Ratio: 17.2/1

Principal: Phil Katsampes

School Mission and Vision: 

BCSI provides a rich aesthetic environment in which artistic expression, active involvement, and academic excellence provide a foundation for the learning expression. A holistic approach addresses the head, heart, and hand of each child. Rhythm and sensitivity to developmental levels assure that students are held in a secure place where, through exposure to multicultural activities and creative projects, they emerge as self-defined, competent, and compassionate individuals.

Boulder High School 

1604 Arapahoe Avenue

Boulder, CO, 80302

Phone: 720.561.2200

Fax: 720.561.5317

Registrar: 720.561.5318


Daily schedule: 7:30-3:00

Enrollment (FTE): 1764

Funded Headcount: 1771

Student/Teacher Ratio: 19.2/1

Principal: Kevin Braney

School Mission and Vision:

Boulder High School will provide an academic and creative environment in which every person is valued as an individual, challenged as a learner, and inspired to contribute to society. To pursue academic, athletic, and creative excellence

Boulder Preparatory High School 

5075 Chaparral Ct.

Boulder, CO, 80301

Phone: 303.545.6186

Fax: 303.545.6187


Daily schedule: 8:35-2:55

Enrollment (FTE): 150.5

Funded Headcount: 151

Student/Teacher Ratio: 20.1/1

Principal: Andre Adeli


School Mission and Vision:

Increase academic proficiency by providing SRA Direct Instruction for students below grade level proficiency and a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum for students performing at the high school level. The WRAT 4 and the ACT are used to measure increases in proficiency.

Casey Middle School 

1301 High Street

Boulder, CO, 80304

Phone: 720.561.2700

Fax: 720.561.2701

Attendance: 720.561.2742

Registrar: 720.561.2706


Daily schedule: 8:40-3:30

Enrollment (FTE): 348

Funded Headcount: 349

Student/Teacher Ratio: 14.5/1

Principal: Alison Boggs


School Mission and Vision: 

Casey Middle School is a dynamic and exciting learning community of

students, parents, and faculty from an array of cultures. At Casey, all students are challenged to thrive academically in a rigorous program that is relevant and future-oriented. Casey promises both challenging academics and a socially and emotionally nurturing environment valuing the uniqueness of each student.

Centaurus High School 

10300 South Boulder Road

Lafayette, CO, 80026

Phone: 720.561.7500

Fax: 720.561.5368

Attendance: 720.561.5358

Registrar: 720.561.5360


Daily schedule: 7:30-3:00

Enrollment (FTE): 1049.5

Funded Headcount: 1061

Student/Teacher Ratio: 15.8/1

Principal: Rhonda Haniford


School Mission and Vision: Mission: Honoring a tradition of outstanding academics and superior athletics and co-curricular programs, continue to prepare young people to be gainful and giving in their community, locally and globally.Vision: Every student will be confident of his or her abilities to compete and thrive in a pluralistic world, be well informed about and prepared for post-high school choices, and committed to empowering each student.

Centennial Middle School 

2205 Norwood Avenue

Boulder, CO, 80304

Phone: 720.561.5441

Fax: 720.561.2090

Attendance: 720.561.2019


Daily schedule: 8:40-3:30

Enrollment (FTE): 626.5

Funded Headcount: 627

Student/Teacher Ratio: 17.1/1

Principal: Cheryl Scott


School Mission and Vision: Centennial is a neighborhood school that embraces all learners. We provide a rigorous academic curriculum and a broad elective program supported by technology that offers opportunity for all students to reach their fullest potential. Our goal is to develop a community of learners where individual responsibility is valued in order to create a safe and respectful learning environment.

Coal Creek Elementary School 

801 West Tamarisk Street

Louisville, CO, 80027

Phone: 720.561.4500

Fax: 720.561.4501

Attendance: 720.561.4502


Daily schedule: 8:00-2:30

Enrollment (FTE): 416.5

Funded Headcount: 448

Student/Teacher Ratio: 17.6/1

Principal: John Kiemele


School Mission and Vision: 

Coal Creek Elementary challenges students to achieve their academic, creative and physical potential in order to become responsible, contributing citizens. Coal Creek challenges students to become competent in skills identified as essential for learning and adapting to the pace of the 21st century.

Columbine Elementary School 

3130 Repplier Drive

Boulder, CO, 80304

Phone: 720-561-2500

Fax: 720-561-2501

Attendance Line: 720-561-2502

Registrar: 720-561-2506


Daily schedule: 8:15-3:00

Enrollment (FTE): 349.5

Funded Headcount: 397

Student/Teacher Ratio: 10.9/1

Principal: Guillermo Medina


School Mission and Vision:

To empower children with the tools to achieve, to dream, to care and to believe that they can make a difference in their future and the world.

Community Montessori Elementary School 

805 Gillaspie Drive

Boulder, CO, 80305

Phone: 720.561.3700

Fax: 720.561.3701

Attendance: 720.561.5408


Daily Schedule: 8:15-2:45

Total School Enrollment: 239

Preschool Students: 3

K-5 Students: 236

Student/Teacher Ratio: 14.6/1

Principal: Marlene Skovsted


School Mission and Vision:

In partnership with families, Community Montessori of Boulder Valley challenges the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical potential of a diverse student population by providing a quality Montessori program aligned with state standards and the BVSD strategic initiatives.

Creekside Elementary School at 

Martin Park 

3740 Martin Drive

Boulder, CO, 80305

Phone: 720.561.3800

Fax: 720.561.3801

Attendance: 720.561.3802


Daily schedule: 7:55-2:40

Enrollment (FTE): 301.5

Funded Headcount: 345

Student/Teacher Ratio: 11.2/1

Principal: Alejandra Sotiros


School Mission and Vision:

Creekside Elementary School educates students to be active, responsible, and successful participants in our changing world. School staff, parents and community collaborate to provide a strong academic foundation, encourage a love of learning, maximize learning opportunities, foster global awareness, develop strong interpersonal skills and promote health and safety.

Crest View Elementary School 

1897 Sumac Avenue

Boulder, CO, 80304

Phone: 720.561.5461

Fax: 720.561.2855

Attendance: 720.561.5459


Daily schedule: 8:00-2:30

Enrollment (FTE): 540.5

Funded Headcount: 593

Student/Teacher Ratio: 16.9/1

Principal: Ned Levine

School Mission and Vision:

Mission: to help develop competent, confident, and compassionate citizens who will be able to contribute and compete in tomorrow’s society.

Douglass Elementary School 

840 75th Street

Boulder, CO, 80303

Phone: 720.561.5541

Fax: 720.561.6699

Attendance: 720.561.5542


Daily schedule: 8:00-2:30

Enrollment (FTE): 385

Funded Headcount: 423

Student/Teacher Ratio: 18.1/1

Principal: Jon Wolfer


School Mission and Vision:

Mission: An innovative student/parent/teacher community that provides a safe, disciplined, and academically challenging environment.

Vision: Douglass Elementary School strives to provide the best educational experience for each child.

Eisenhower Elementary School 

1220 Eisenhower Drive

Boulder, CO, 80303

Phone: 720.561.6700

Fax: 720.561.6701

Registrar: 720.561.6706


Daily schedule: 8:40-3:10

Enrollment (FTE): 411

Funded Headcount: 445

Student/Teacher Ratio: 16.1/1

Principal: Charles Serns


School Mission and Vision: The Eisenhower School vision is: “To Liberate the Human Potential”. Eisenhower Elementary School is a learning community

dedicated to helping every student prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Eldorado K-8 School 

3351 Indiana Street

Superior, CO, 80027

Phone: 720.561.4400

Fax: 720.561.4401

Attendance: 720.561.4402

Registrar: 720.561.4405


Daily schedule: 8:40-3:30

Enrollment (FTE): 941.5

Funded Headcount: 983

Student/Teacher Ratio: 17.8/1

Principal: Robyn R. Hamasaki

School Mission and Vision:

Mission: Eldorado K-8 is a community centerpiece where all minds are opened to lifelong learning and achievement through innovative and challenging educational experiences.

Vision: Eldorado K-8 believes in high expectations and success for all students.

Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer Lafayette 

101 East Baseline Road

Lafayette, CO, 80026

Phone: 720.561.7800

Fax: 720.561.7801

Attendance: 720.561.7802

Registrar: 720.561.7806


Daily schedule: 8:00-2:30

Enrollment (FTE): 382

Funded Headcount: 436

Student/Teacher Ratio: 13/1

Principal: Miguel Villalon

School Mission and Vision:

Mission: We are a school family committed to providing challenging academics within a multicultural, dual language program. We strive to build bridges that bring our community together.

Vision: Striving toward excellence, we expect high academic achievement from all students, bilingual and biliterate graduates, to be a model dual language program for other schools and our community.

Fairview High School 

1515 Greenbriar Boulevard

Boulder, CO, 80305

Phone: 720.561.3100

Fax: 720.561.5353


Daily schedule: 7:30-3:00

Enrollment (FTE): 1900

Funded Headcount: 1902

Student/Teacher Ratio: 21.5/1

Principal: Don Stensrud


School Mission and Vision:

Committed to providing a rigorous academic program in an atmosphere of pervasive caring which will challenge all students to perform quality work and become prepared to be: creative and critical thinkers; life-long learners; productive and responsive international citizens; positive and moral leaders in the 21st Century.

Fireside Elementary School Louisville 

845 West Dahlia

Louisville, CO, 80027

Phone: 720.561.7900

Fax: 720.561.7901

Attendance: 720.561.7902


Daily schedule: 8:00-2:30

Enrollment (FTE): 455

Funded Headcount: 439

Student/Teacher Ratio: 16.1/1

Principal: Pat Heinz-Pribyl


School Mission and Vision: To celebrate and challenge the unique abilities in every child; to respect individual differences; and to create a safe environment that promotes a community of learners and nurtures the curiosity within each of us.

Flatirons Elementary School 

1150 7th Street

Boulder, CO, 80302

Phone: 720.561.4600

Fax: 720.561.4601


Daily schedule: 8:15-2:50

Enrollment (FTE): 247.5

Funded Headcount: 272

Student/Teacher Ratio: 17/1

Principal: Scott Boesel

School Mission and Vision:

Flatirons Elementary School is a unique school that significantly contributes to meeting the academic, developmental and social needs of its students through a challenging academic course of study and related multifaceted activities. Students become lifelong learners by acquiring knowledge, skills and inspiration.

Foothill Elementary School 

1001 Hawthorn Avenue

Boulder, CO, 80304

Phone: 720.561.2600

Fax: 720.561.2601

Attendance: 720.561.2602

Registrar: 720.261.2607


Daily schedule: 8:20-2:50

Enrollment (FTE): 522.5

Funded Headcount: 570

Student/Teacher Ratio: 18.1/1

Principal: Melisa Potes

School Mission and Vision: To promote, support and reinforce healthy development, quality education, social competence and responsible world citizenship in lifelong learners through a true partnership among students, parents, staff and community.

Heatherwood Elementary School 

7750 Concord Drive

Boulder, CO, 80301

Phone: 720.561.5586

Fax: 720.561.6965

Attendance: 720.561.5276


Daily schedule: 8:00-2:30

Enrollment (FTE): 331.5

Funded Headcount: 363

Student/Teacher Ratio: 17/1

Principal: Larry Orobona


School Mission and Vision:

Our vision of a student at Heatherwood Elementary is that of a child who’s becoming a well-rounded, productive and responsible individual capable of effectively communicating and working as a team member with both peers and adults.

Each child will be working towards an understanding of his/her learning styles, as well as strengths and needs.

High Peaks Elementary School 

3995 Aurora Avenue

Boulder, CO, 80303

Phone: 720.561.6500

Fax: 720.561.6501

Attendance: 720.561.6502


Daily schedule: 8:15-2:50

Enrollment (FTE): 280.5

Funded Headcount: 314

Student/Teacher Ratio: 18.7/1

Principal: Lora de la Cruz

School Mission and Vision:

“High Peaks integrates essential skills and substantive content with the framework of the Core Knowledge Sequence to foster academic excellence and high achievement. Through challenge and accomplishment – and in an atmosphere of respect and collaboration among all member of the High Peaks community – students build self-esteem and a lasting love of learning.”

Horizons K-8 School 

Burke Campus, 4545 Sioux Drive

Boulder, CO, 80303

Phone/Fax: 720.561.5580


Daily schedule: 8:00-3:00

Enrollment (FTE): 307

Funded Headcount: 325

Student/Teacher Ratio: 16.6/1

Principal: Sonny Zinn


School Mission and Vision: Our mission at Horizons is to guide students

to become self-directed learners and community contributors in a respectful

learning environment. High academic and behavioral expectations are

maintained for students in kindergarten through eighth grade, and a rich,

integrated curriculum is offered.

Justice High School Lafayette CO 

805 Excalibur

Lafayette, CO 80026

Phone: 720-935-1337


Daily schedule: 8:30-3:00

Enrollment: 110

Student/Teacher Ratio: 27.4/1

Principal: Jeremy Jimenez

School Mission and Vision: To provide year round college prep education for

all enrolled Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley students. Justice High School’s curriculum and program design is ideal for at risk youth who are disconnected from the traditional school system because of juvenile delinquency, drugs and alcohol, alienation, or other factors.

Lafayette Elementary School 

101 North Bermont Avenue

Lafayette, CO, 80026

Phone: 720.561.8900

Fax: 720.561.8901

Attendance: 720.561.8902


Daily schedule: 7:55-2:30

Enrollment (FTE): 545

Funded Headcount: 605

Student/Teacher Ratio: 16.7/1

Principal: Stephanie Jackman

School Mission and Vision: To foster academic and social development of

our students through a challenging and engaging curriculum, differentiated

instruction, and on-going communication between parents, staff members, and students. We empower our students to be logical problem solvers, compassionate decision makers, and responsible citizens.

Louisville Elementary School 

400 Hutchinson Street

Louisville, CO, 80027

Phone: 720-561-7200

Fax: 720-561-7201

Attendance Line: 720-561-7202

Registrar: 720-561-7206


Daily schedule: 8:00-2:30

Enrollment (FTE): 415.5

Funded Headcount: 456

Student/Teacher Ratio: 16.9/1

Principal: Jennifer Rocke


School Mission and Vision:

To promote the educational success of all students by having high expectations, a commitment to excellence confirming the belief that all students can achieve at their fullest potential and become responsible, productive members in a competitive society.




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